Miss Virginia’s Outstanding Teen



Casey Shepard, Miss Virginia’s Outstanding Teen 2014


Scholastic Honors:

Ranked first in her class for four years; National Honor

Society; Recognized by President Obama for Academic

Excellence; Superintendent’s Award for Excellence in

English; AP Award for Highest Honors in History; City

wide Award for Top Honors in Math; French Academic

Award; Presidential Physical Fitness Award; Recipient

of the Virginia Pilot Scholastic Achievement Award.


Photo by Goodwin Photography

Hair and makeup by Lisa Proctor


Awarded the Duke of Edinburgh’s Bronze and Silver medal; Lead ballerina in TMCJ Easter Show; Awarded Merit Scholarship to a top high school in Virginia; First Soloist in Masterworks Ballet Company; Filmed a PSA promoting my platform and MVAOT; Gold medal figure skater; Leader of Bible study.

Career Ambition:

Master of Fine Arts/Principal Dancer of a World Renowned Ballet Company


E.N.D.D.-Embracing Not Defining Disabilities

Interesting Facts:

I can imitate TV characters; I teach two classes of ballet a week to 6-12 years old; I modeled for the American Girl Doll company;  Bake weekly for my dance studio; I have three amazing yet very different dogs; Won a pie Eating Contest at the age of  5!

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Casey’s Downloadable Bio [.pdf]


Photography by Goodwin Photography; Hair/Makeup by Lisa Proctor


 Casey Shepard

 Miss Virginia’s Outstanding Teen 

       15 years old

Chesapeake, VA


Indian River High School-Freshman


Scholastic/Career Ambition:

Master of Fine Arts/Principal Dancer of a World Renowned Ballet Company

Platform Issue:  E.N.D.D.-Embracing Not Defining Disabilities 

Embracing Not Defining Disabilities (E.N.D.D.) is not just something very personal to me, but it is an issue that is relatable to every teen in America. The basic message of E.N.D.D. is to educate teens to embrace those with disabilities. They will become more accepting of themselves, and what they see as flaws.  E.N.D.D. was inspired by my work with the Special Olympics. I began working with Special Olympics seven years ago when I was asked to coach a young figure skater who was preparing for the competition.  I currently spend every Sunday coaching the Olympians. When I first started I was extremely shy and lacked self-confidence.  I slowly realized how every Special Olympian accepted and embraced their differences.  As teens, we are often hard on ourselves and measure perceptions against unrealistic means set by the media. We need to be accepting of ourselves and appreciate our good fortune. This is the real lesson we can learn from those with disabilities. There are many ways I have been an advocate and created awareness for those with special needs, including organizing a campaign to stop the use of the “R” word. The “R” word campaign acknowledges the improper use of the word: RetardE.N.D.D. is relevant and impacts all teens by demonstrating when you respect others you gain a newfound respect for yourself. This message of love and respect is my mission and will be the theme of my year as my year of service. 

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Casey’s Miss America’s Outstanding Teen Experience