Miss Virginia’s Outstanding Teen



Cassie Donegan, Miss Virginia’s Outstanding Teen 2013

Scholastic Honors:

National  Honor’s Society,  Science  Fair winner,  International Thespian Society, Math Honor Society, Honor Roll 1st-10th grade, 4.6 GPA.


Played lead roles including Peter Pan in “Peter Pan”, Annie in “Annie”, Elizabeth in “Young Frankenstein”, Dorothy in “The Wizard of Oz”, awarded a Musical Theatre Scholarship, won the American Heritage Speech Contest in 2012, won Choir Award in 7th-10th grade, won regional and state competitions for Duet Acting, Vocal, and Bible Teaching for ODACS for 4 years, sang at the 9/11 Operation Home Front, sang the National Anthem for a David Cook concert, Norfolk Admirals, Norfolk Tides, Langley Speedway, Arena Racing, and the Oceana Air Show.

Career Ambition:

Major in Drama at New York University /

Perform on Broadway, movies, television

Platform Issue:

Promoting Arts Education in Our Schools

Interesting Facts:

First female tuba player at my school, I can sing with my mouth shut, My Dad’s band opened for Boni Jovi, I performed at halftime at the 2013 Orange Bowl, made it to the final 30 of “Annie” National Tour auditions, modeled for American Girl Magazine, appear in a NOVEC commercial running since 2009, and Taco Bell is my biggest indulgence!

Cassie’s Downloadable Bio [.pdf]


 Promoting Arts Education in our Schools

This is demonstrated through my presentation of


Participation in the arts teaches important life lessons.  The value of hard work and working together as a team will payoff in the future for what we accomplish today. Overcoming our inner fears will give us the satisfaction of a job done well. I focus on personal experiences with bullying as I pursued my love of the arts. My message is to share with Virginia’s youth about the benefits of their involvement with the arts.  A young person’s growth is stimulated mentally, physically, emotionally. Their self-esteem is boosted by their participation and enjoyment of the arts.  My presentation takes the youth on a journey into reality and excites an exploration of opportunities beyond their wildest dreams. Through a “hands on” approach I stimulate and invigorate the audience.  Additionally, enticing the audience to set goals and dare to excel in completing them with challenging activities. 

In memory of a dear friend, I started the Lydia Fray Music Scholarship to help a graduating senior continue their education in the arts.  Through my fund raising effort, this scholarship has become a reality.

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Cassie’s Miss America’s Outstanding Teen Experience


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 Cassie wins Preliminary Talent Award with her rendition of “Girl in 14G”!!! Congratulations Cassie!